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As noted in our home page the Spice Road Spices Blog is a platform for all Home Chefs to share favoured recipes, cooking tips and observations on the Australian food scene.

We have a favoured Herb and Spice supplier who does wonderful work sharing the views and comments from their commercial client chef's, restaurant owners and hotel managers. This is invaluable feedback.

So now we extend this artisan exchange to you, the Home Chefs.

There is a treasure chest of recipes and ideas across Australia to be shared and commented on. Our blog, from our website, will publish all recipes, comments and suggestions to hopefully lead to a further exchange of ideas.

And building on the above we are in the process of sourcing unique and interesting gourmet foods to fit with our Many Makers from Many Kitchens.

Once in place we will be able to offer you a full product range from selected makers and growers to give further delicious opportunities for your food creations.

Notes from our Home Chefs...

Hi Spice Roads thought you might like my take on baked chicken drum sticks and thighs. I share a house with friends and this recipe created around your Spice Seasoning has become a regular

- Josh L. Sydney

Thanks Josh. we tried the recipe. Really good and with the spice crust looks great ! And we thought good served cold for a party or picnic.

We sliced the chicken thighs cold the next day and with the drum sticks, worked really well with a spicy dipping sauce Pam King


Hi Spice Road Spices, following your recipes and enjoying working with your spice blends. As a pork lover I often use the attached recipe for small dinner parties. Quick and easy. I initially had trouble with the cider vinegar so best quality is essential

- Andrew G. Sydney

Sounds terrific Andrew, will pass it on

We added your recipe to our list so everyone can enjoy Pan Fried Pork Chops with Cider Vinegar Sauce.

- Pam King

To all at Spice Roads, used your pork rub at a recent small dinner party. Just great, thought I'd share the recipe for other pork lovers. Cheers

- Zania K - Hornsby NSW

Thanks Zania, very happy to share this with our community of Home Chef's, sounds good !

- Pam King

Dear Spice Roads, thought you might be interested in this simple chicken recipe I picked up from a visit to Sicily. Being busy I make up serving batches in advance and freeze. I often work late so good to have something ready to go.

- Anthony L - Port Stephens

Thanks Anthony, looks quick and easy and the freezing in serving batches a good idea. We have listed your recipe for Home Chef comments

We added your recipe to our list so everyone can enjoy Sicilian Chicken Thighs.

- Pam King

Hi Guys

I have noticed you do not use basil in any of your blends. I am a great fan of basil, using it in many of my recipes. Is there a reason you do not use it ?

I tried your Mediterranean blend in my favourite mince recipe recently and it was lovely. Will use again.

- James Liberro

Hi James, well spotted ! The reason for our "boycott" is that dried Basil does not hold it's flavour well in cooking and from our view, what flavour remains has a sweet note which is not part of the blend. By contrast fresh basil leaves are wonderful in so many dishes.

Glad you enjoyed the Mediterranean blend

- Pam King

Well done Spice Roads for introducing the Za'atar Blend

I have been blending my own for many years so nice to see this unique spice blend being given some recognition

Thought you might like one of my recipes for Za'atar together with an accompaniment, Musaka'a

- Jeremy K - Melbourne

Hi Jeremy, the menu is great thank you. Recommended and the Musaka'a would work well as a stand alone vegetarian dish

We added your recipe to our list so everyone can enjoy Za'atar Chicken with Palestinian Musaka'a.

- Pam King

Hi Spice Roads, enjoying picking up on other Home Chefs thoughts and suggestions. I thought everyone might enjoy this recipes, i have found it great for dinner parties as it can be done in advance and can be modified to be a vegetarian dish

- Christine B - Adelaide SA

Thanks Christine, we will post in RECIPES. Really does look interesting - nice to get other Home Chef's comments

We added your recipe to our list so everyone can enjoy Argentinian grilled eggplant with Pork and Veal mince.

- Pam King

Hi tried the mini meatloaf recipe - I used 50/50 of pork and veal in the mince and a good topping of the tomato sauce during the baking. The family loved it. Recommended !

- Henry S - Fremantle

Nice to hear it went well

- Pam King

I received your Mediterranean spice blend as part of your gift box, all terrific in a nice present. I have always enjoyed cooking lamb shoulder in a marinade, so used the Mediterranean blend with this version. Hope other Home Chefs like the recipe.

- Jeanne H - Melbourne

Hi Jeanne. We love slow baked lamb shoulder, so tried your recipe - really good. And worked well with a Peterson's Hunter Chardonnay and a Paringa Estate Shiraz ! Thanks again

- Pam King

Hi Spice Roads

Who would have believed it could be this simple with such great flavours. I love cooking and time permitting will still do my favourite blend but when pressed for time your product is wonderful. Order for the chicken ragout and slow cooker attached.

Best wishes

- Jane Mcfadden

Thanks Jane, be fun to try your blend sometime

- Pam King

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