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Foodie Ramblings - Roasted Garlic

Arthur Huxley - 19-08-2019

The choice of using Roasted Garlic or Fresh Garlic really depends on the recipe and of course your personal choice.

The differences are simple. Roast Garlic gives a lovely warm, caramelised aroma and flavour to your recipe.

Fresh Garlic can be sharp and aggressive, always with the possibility of burning during cooking down and imparting a strong bitter taste to the recipe.

Ok, that's all very well and good with a strong plus for roasted garlic. But (there is always a but !) you don't always have the 45 minutes to roast the garlic before proceeding with the recipe.

A nice solution to this is to bake a batch of Roast Garlic bulbs in advance. Happily the Roast Garlic will freeze well for a period up to 3 months. Just wrap in foil and use as needed.

And if black garlic is your thing then Roast Garlic is a nice cost saving substitute, offering most of the black garlic culinary attractions.

Preparation Slice the top off a garlic bulb, lightly cover with olive oil and wrap in foil. Bake at around 160c for around 45 minutes until the Garlic is soft.

Remove from the oven, allow to cool then arrange on a flat plate or tray in the freezer.

When using simply squeeze out the soft Roasted Garlic from the skin.

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